Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Longer at Wood Road

Well, it has been a busy couple of years, and have not posted in quite, quite some time! I no longer live on Wood Road, but several towns further down the road, as I will explain. My last name is no longer the same either, as John and I got married last summer, on a sunny, wonderful Saturday. And we were married on the forth of July, which brings up all kinds of jokes about "Independance Day"!
So that ended my time living in the sweet white farmhouse in Hershey, and I joined him in the townhouse he rented, barely five minutes down the road, which had been becoming more and more like home in the years of our courtship and engagement anyway. We put up with the yellow roses on the wallpaper border in our bedroom, knowing that it would not be our home to stay and during the fall we began to search for a new home closer to Messiah where John teaches, which would also be closer to my job as well.
The house search continued for several months, and we saw many, many houses. I am blessed to be married to a guy with high standards, because I would have settled for a number of the places we saw, though each had drawbacks, from a yard too tiny, to needing serious renovation, to just not being "us". We learned a lot about ourselves and each other in the process, and thanks be to God, on Christmas Eve we saw our house, and it knocked our socks off. As it was a "For Sale By Owner" there were months of trying negotiations and again, if it had not been for John's steady perseverance, I probably would have walked off. But we settled on the house at the end of May, and those month of difficult waiting have just evaporated in the joy of moving in and living in our home. We hope, Lord willing, that it is our "forever" home. It is a beautiful all brick ranch, with an office not far from the kitchen, and a big yard with bigger trees, and endless opportunities. We planted a tomato and pepper patch in June and I am still bringing in the small harvest. We have fantastic neighbors with kids who ride bikes around and laugh and watch movies with us now and then. John walks through corn fields to get to work, and I have a new Messiah library card. Every time I walk down the steps from the back porch into the yard and around the little stone-lined shady garden with a lamp post, I take a breath, and can hardly believe how God has blessed us...and blessed me.
So this blog has a new home (but will keep the old URL address), as do I. Wood Road was my first step out on my own, and was part of the path that I needed to get me to this next leg of the journey...

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Amy Starr said...

I am so glad to see your blog update, and glad to hear your description of your new home! I miss seeing you and catching up! Tell John hello too!